Where To Grab Your Lunch In Winnetka

Sandwiches always taste better when someone else makes one for you – and when you don’t have to do the dishes post-meal.

If you call Winnetka home, there are plenty of places nearby where you can pop in and get a “grab and go” lunch, whether you’re working from home, it’s the weekend or you’re treating your kiddo to a date-day.

Once Upon a Bagel

My family is originally from New York City, so we take bagels seriously.

These bagels are soft on the inside, they have a chewy outside, and the toppings are everything you’d want in a bagel spot.

You’ll become a regular in no time, and it’ll be your lazy Sunday spot for your coffee and bagel, along with your regular pop-in-place for a good bagel and egg salad on the go.

Once Upon a Bagel

Cafe Aroma 

A neighborhood favorite, Cafe Aroma is the place to go when you’re craving an upscale sandwich, salad, or pastry.

From Pan Au Chocolat that’s baked fresh daily to its Feta Sandwich, this European cafe features a mix flavors sure to satisfy.

Snag a table along the café’s sidewalk on a beautiful day to take in Winnetka shopping — and perhaps pop into a store or two post-meal. We won’t tell. 

Cafe Aroma

Little Ricky’s Rib Joint 

Prepare to get your hands dirty.

At Little Ricky’s, ribs are those juicy, fall-off-the-bone, need-a-million-napkins ribs, and they’re worth the mess.

Pair them with a side of Mac-and-cheese, and this will also serve as your dinner.

Don’t like BBQ? They also have a ton of other options, including salads, sandwiches and nachos (big enough to share).

When it gets warmer, snag a table outside for a lazy lunch.

Little Ricky’s Rib Joint

Marco Roma

Take a lunch break (or get it delivered to your house or office), and you’ll be rewarded with a super hot homemade thin crust pizza in record time.

They also do traditional Italian sandwiches, pasta and salads – the meatball hero is a local fave.

If you’re not craving thin crust, you can request their deep dish pizza. It’s butterless, so it tastes lighter than what you may be used to, but it’s a healthy (hey, I’m not a nutritionist) alternative to other deep dish options.

Marco Roma

Café Buongiorno 

This is Winnetka’s version of a diner: anything and everything you could ever want for lunch is here, whether you’re craving a burger, a Greek salad or a vegetable soup.

The menu is literally in a binder because they offer so many options.

Picky eaters are welcome, and whatever they request, this cafe will provide.

But foodies are also welcome: this diner actually puts care and effort into every one of its dishes, and it’s become a go-to lunch and brunch spot in the area.

Cafe Buongiorno


The newish spot is your go-to for smoothies, juices, soup and salad and other food.

So it’s where you grab everything you need to be healthy – and it tastes amazing.

Choose from their juice and smoothie suggestions (we’re obsessed with the Sheridan Road (raw cacao, cacao nibs, banana, coconut and almond milk), or make your own combos. They’ll create juice cleanses for you, customizing them to your needs.

We could eat their chia seed pudding daily without getting tired of it – and their marinated kale salad actually makes us enjoy eating our veggies.


Written by Danielle Braff