Top Ten Bars/Restaurants in Logan Square

Top 10 Restaurants in Logan Square (1)

Logan Square has a ton of great spots to grab a drink and/or a bite to eat. Whether you’re looking for a cocktail bar, brunch spot, pie shop, or microbrewery, look no farther than this list for Logan Square’s neighborhood favorites!

1. Longman and Eagle

Longman and Eagle, named for the creator of the iconic Logan Square eagle, Evelyn Longman, is not your typical gastropub. Serving large sausages and even larger quantities of beer is to be expected, having a Michelin star is not. Chef Jared Wentworth challenges all of these conceptions with his bold cooking; what other gastropubs offer buffalo frog legs with aerated bleu cheese? Or a black-pepper funnel cake? The food is not the only attraction, as Longman and Eagle prides itself on its nearly three dozen different whiskeys, sold at an economical three dollars a shot. The saying goes around there “whiskey for your mouth, not for our shelves.” We can’t complain about that.

Longman and Eagle, Logan Square

2. Lula Café

Whether you’re looking for a trendy late night spot with cheap drinks, or a traditional weekend brunch, Lula Café is the place. Many might be initially drawn for the cheap beer (a can of PBR is $1.75), but the appeal of Lula stretches much further. The patio presents a perfect place to enjoy the Chicago summers, and the food will make you feel even better. Chefs Jason Hammel and Amalea Tshilds pride themselves on their organic focus, which makes Lula Café a hotspot for foodies and star chefs alike.

Lula Cafe, Logan Square

3. Revolution Brewing Company

If you’re looking for a spot with incredible craft beers, Revolution is the place. Not just the place in Logan Square, but the place in all of Chicago. Brewer Jim Cibak is in charge of making these inspired creations, which patrons can see being made in-house; it is a raw industrial operation. The beers might bring people in, but the food keeps them coming back. Chef Jason Petrie offers an extensive menu that caters to vegetarians and carnivores alike. Two guest favorites? Bacon fat popcorn, and PB&B (peanut butter cookie and banana ice cream), both of which are as delicious as they sound.

Revolution Brewing Company, Logan Square

 4. Scofflaw

Logan Square is filled with cocktail destinations, but under the direction of head mixologist and co-owner Danny Shapiro, Scofflaw has emerged from the pack. Maybe it’s the gin bar, or the wide array of drinks, maybe it’s the guapichosa (a sandwich layered with brisket, pork belly and pork loin, pimento aioli, avocado, and siracha, among other things), or maybe it’s the free hot chocolate chip cookies guests can indulge in after midnight. Whatever it is, Scofflaw rises above the rest, and creates a truly unique bar experience.

Scofflaw, Logan Square

5. Telegraph

It may be located in the heart of downtown Chicago, but Telegraph has a distinctly Parisian feel to it, and that is exactly what owners Tom MacDonald and Jason Norman want. Chef Johnny Anderes’ seasonal menu allows for a new experience every visit, and his inventiveness provides new ways to taste traditional ingredients. Although the food is superb, the star of the show is undoubtedly the wine. Sommelier Jeremy Quinn, one of Food & Wine magazine’s Sommeliers of the Year, has created a list of unique and rare European wines that you are unable to find anywhere else in the city, or possibly the country.

Telegraph, Logan Square

6. Billy Sunday:

Named for an early 19th century baseball player, Billy Sunday is undoubtedly a homerun. Bartender Alex Bachman isn’t afraid to challenge traditional conventions, as you can find a daiquiri on the menu in the dead of winter. Quince, orange curacao, rhubarb sherbet and Walsh nectar are all elements that appear in Billy Sunday drinks. Chef John Vermiglio, formerly of Table Fifty-Two, creativity of the food matches that of the drinks. Vermiglio has a flair for presentation, and, unlike many “bar snacks,” Billy Sunday’s snacks are just that: snacks. No grease balls or full meals, which highlight the forte of Billy Sunday: the drinks.

Billy Sunday, Logan Square

7. Bang Bang Pie Shop

Bang Bang Pie Shop initially began as a food truck, but demand quickly grew and they moved into their new home in Logan Square. It is a pie café, and the pies are delectable, but it is so much more. Locally roasted coffee is on offer, as well as fresh made biscuits served with house-made butters and jams. Pie flavors rotate on a seasonal basis, with flavors like pumpkin and apple crumble offered in the fall. The best seller, hands down, is the chocolate pie, and thankfully for Bang Bang’s patrons, it is available year round.

Bang Bang Pie Shop, Logan Square

8. Owen and Engine

Lying on the outskirts of Logan Square is the British pub Owen and Engine, but the food is much too good and too creative to be simply referred to as pub food. Immediately when you walk in, you get the “pub feel,” from the dark wood seemingly everywhere, Persian rugs, and a fully-functional fireplace. While the ambiance is good, the food is even better. The half-pound burger is a 60/20/20 blend of chuck, short rib, and brisket, and it is all family farmed. If you’re looking to try out the burger, every Tuesday O&E offers a $15: bourbon, beer and burger special, but be prepared, the lines are long. But, for food this good, does it matter?

Owen and Engine, Logan Square

9. The Double: An Urban Tavern

When it replaced local favorite Hotti Biscotti a few years ago, it didn’t take long for The Double to exceed the popularity of its predecessor. One favorite indulgence of patrons is the “Double of the Day,” featuring a beer and a shot for just $7. The Double also has an outdoor patio, making it the perfect place for the summer, while inside, there are multiple flat screen TV’s and a retro jukebox, making it a perfect hangout for when the winter weather sets in.

Double An Urban Tavern, Logan Square

10. Ground Control

No, it is not co-owned by David Bowie, but if you walked into Ground Control on a Saturday night, you might think it was. This all-vegetarian restaurant is quickly becoming a favorite of vegetarians and vegans, and it also can make any of its items gluten free. It is an unassuming storefront, in an area lacking foot traffic, but that doesn’t prevent them from filling the restaurant. It is not what you would traditionally think of as vegetarian food, with items such as hot wings and Italian beef on the menu. With options for vegans and carnivores, and everything in between, Ground Control is a must visit in Logan Square.

Ground Control, Logan Square

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