The best boutique fitness classes in Chicago

Photo: Shred415

The weather is getting colder, which means the motivation to work out is slowly starting to dwindle. Don’t let it! There are plenty of awesome boutique workout studios across Chicagoland that welcome all fitness levels. Keep reading to learn more about a few of our favorites.


Chicago fitness experts Bonnie Micheli and Tracy Roemer started this interval workout that quickly gained a cult following. The workout spends 5-15 minutes on the treadmill in high intensity sprints or incline runs before switching to various strength training exercises. You alternate between the floor and treadmill until the hour is up (often doing two or three rounds of strength and running).

Can’t run? Power walking will still get you a great workout.  Now with four city locations (South Loop, Lincoln Park, Wicker Park and Old Town) and 3 suburban locations (Hinsdale, Deerfield, and Northfield), there is no excuse but to hit the tread, or the deck as they say.

Wheelpower Studio

This suburban studio offers the heart-pounding workouts you’d expect to get in the city, in a super-welcoming environment. But don’t be fooled–the classes are as challenging as they come.

Spin classes are taught in a state-of-the-art studio and often feature live DJ rides or theme rides so you can dance through the tough hills. There is also a strength room with classes like bootcamp or TRX for variety and added challenge.

Photo: Wheelpower Studio


The Chi here doesn’t just stand for Chicago, but also Core, High Intensity.  This studio features megaformers – a popular tool in Pilates – and follows the popular Lagree method of fitness which uses the machines to strengthen the core and increase flexibility through slow and controlled movements. Classes are small and the instructors are hyper vigilant about helping to correct your form so the end result is long and lean muscles.

Photo: Chi50

The Dailey Method

The barre craze may have reached its peak, but The Dailey Method continues to innovate its practice. All of the classes focus on proper alignment through every exercise, so teachers are constantly tweaking form.

Barre classes focus on slow and isolated movements, while fusion classes do the same but with quicker exercises that raise your heart rate. Some studios even have cycle classes with the same focus on core and posture.  Chicago and suburban locations are aplenty, with studios in Bucktown, Oak Park, La Grange, Elmhurst, Wheaton Lake Forest, Northbrook and Kenilworth.

Photo: The Dailey Method


Sometimes you just need a chance to breathe, and Yogaview is the perfect place to do it.

With locations in both the city and Wilmette, it offers a tranquil place to do yoga at all levels. From restorative to advanced, it’s the perfect place to seek respite from the hustle and bustle of life. Classes will get you strong and flexible in body and mind. They also offer massage and acupuncture – extra motivation for a deep workout.

Written by Samantha Lande
Samantha is a freelance writer who explores the city and beyond for delicious restaurants, fun events and interesting people to tell stories about. She lives in the North suburbs with her husband and two children.