6 Simple Spring Cleaning Tips for New Homeowners

Spring cleaning can either be the best, or worst, part of the new season.

On one hand, who doesn’t love spring weather? Plus, it can feel good to tackle those projects that you’ve been meaning to get to all winter.

But if you’ve recently moved into a new home, you probably already have a laundry list of “to-do” items to turn your new house into your home.

Here are six tasks to tackle these next few months that will add value to your new home…and immediately make it feel more like your own.

Outdoor Chores

Plant some perennials

These plants come back ever year, saving you money long term.

Invest the time now and you won’t have to plant again for many years to come.

Hydrangeas, peony and daylily are some of the most popular and are easy to maintain – no matter how green your thumb is, or isn’t.

Power wash your decks and vinyl siding

Maybe the previous owner power washed last spring, or maybe they didn’t.

Either way, spring is a great time to clean the outside of the house.

Your wood decks can use a cleaning every year too, maybe even a new stain.

You can purchase a power washer from your local store, or ask a new neighbor to borrow theirs.

Clean your screens

Don’t use the power washer for this one, just some good elbow grease will do.

A simple soap and water solution and a sponge is all you need.

Whether you open the windows or not, dirt can build up on your screens throughout the year.

Clean out your dryer vent

Not only can lint buildup become a fire hazard, it also makes your dryer work harder. This can cause you to run the dryer more than once, costing you time and an increase to your utility bill.

Even though this task is definitely not among the most glamorous, being outside is a great way to meet your new neighbors and bond over the joy that is spring cleaning when you’re a homeowner.

Indoor DIY Projects

Steam clean your tile and reseal it.

Your floors have seen it all Give your floors some love this spring.

From the sellers moving everything out to you moving everything in — and, oh yeah, that thing called life — your floors definitely need a little bit of TLC.

You can buy a sealer from any local hardware store. This will make your tile more stain resistant and stay shiny, longer.

You can give your wood floors the same love too with a waxing or new cleaning product.

Keep Organizing

When you first started unpacking your new home, you were probably on your A game organizing.

But towards the end of moving, we get tired and become a bit less organized.

Maybe there are still boxes that need to be unpacked or some closets a bit unruly. Take this time to assess what you have versus what you need and find items you forget you even had.

You either love or hate Spring Cleaning. Whatever side you fall on, this home marks a new chapter in your life, so start on a clean foot.

Written by Nicole Regan