7 Unique First Home Housewarming Gift Ideas

Finding unique housewarming gifts is tricky, especially when it comes to first-time homeowners. Long gone are the days of cliche toasters and cheese boards. So what should you bring if you’re invited to a housewarming party?

Here are just a few gift ideas for the different kinds of people in your life:

For the Interior Decorator: A Subscription to a Home Design Magazine
After we closed on our home, our @properties broker gifted us a year-long subscription to a home design magazine (Architectural Digest and Dwell are great options for design inspiration). Not only was it exciting to receive fun snail mail at our new address, but we keep the magazines styled on the bookshelves in our living room.

For the Person Who Threw Out Their Last One During Their Move: The Perfect Doormat
The doormat is one item that typically gets thrown out during the move. Plus no one wants to greet guests at their new home with an old dirty one!

For the friend who left their’s behind, find a unique one they’ll absolutely love. Moving into a new space is a dirty process, and you don’t want to drag in grime and grit when bringing in boxes. You’ll not only add style to their home, but you’ll keep their floors protected with a brand new one.

For The Green Thumb: Chic Potted Floor Plant
A quick way to brighten up a new home is to bring in greenery. Even if your gallery wall frames and throw pillows are still packed away, a new plant can make a room feel like home in the meantime.

A great housewarming gift is a new plant with a unique decorative basket or vase. Not only adding life to their space, you’re adding a bit of style to their kitchen, office, or living room too.

For the Person Who Has Everything: Monogrammed Tumblers
Some friends gifted us with these monogrammed cups when we moved to Elmhurst. You wouldn’t believe how much we use them! Not only are they personalized but they prevent water stains on new furniture and keep beverages ice cold.

For the Entertainer: A Monogrammed Tray
There’s nothing more exciting than showing off your new home. If you know a new homeowner that enjoys entertaining, give them a stylish way to serve drinks and snacks to friends and family.

A close friend gifted us a monogrammed tray and we use it daily. From curating a small bar to serving appetizers, to holding the remote, your new homeowner friend will thank you after their first few dinner parties.

For The Person Moving From The City To The Suburbs: Homesick Candle
There are a few ways to bring your old home with you, but what better way to do it than with smell?

If a loved one is making the move from the city to the suburbs, a Chicago Homesick Candle can help shorten the distance. With complex scents of rich chocolate carried by bursts of Great Lake air, it could be just what this new homeowner needs to make their day.

For The Person Moving To Elmhurst: Shop Local
There are so many personalized and unique gift ideas right in your loved ones new backyard. If you have a friend moving to Elmhurst, consider purchasing a gift from one of our favorite local boutiques. Not only does it support their community but they can check out the store it came from.

What kinds of housewarming gifts have you given recently? Would you love to receive one of the ideas mentioned above? Let us know in the comments.

Written by Nicole Regan