Resolve to Keep Your Home Clutter-Free and Healthy in 2023

We tend to think of New Year’s resolutions as something that will have a meaningful impact on our minds and bodies. But they can just as easily improve your home and have a positive effect on overall well-being. Decluttering, enhancements, and general maintenance around your space are great ways to head into the year with a new outlook. At @properties Christie’s International Real Estate, we’re all about loving where you live, so we’ve provided some suggestions that will have your home in tip top shape for 2023.

Begin With Basics

Tom Downing, managing broker in @properties Christie’s International Real Estate’s Winnetka office, acknowledges a close connection between his state of mind and state of home. “If my house is in disarray, I’m in disarray and vice versa. Each year, I start by adding a healthy personal practice to my daily routine that carries over into my home,” said Downing. He added that whether practicing yoga, meditation or going for a walk, it changes his mind set and motivates him to take on tasks around the house.

“With a positive outlook I’m ready to tackle decluttering. It can be really therapeutic to clean out your home,” he said. Once you’ve eliminated unnecessary things, it’s much easier to turn the page and think about a fresh coat of paint or adding new items to brighten up existing décor. “And it doesn’t all have to happen in January. Small changes lead to bigger changes that add up throughout the year,” Downing said.


A Deeper Dive

Deep cleaning is another way promote a healthier home environment, notes Keri Cook Falls, managing broker in @properties Christie’s International Real Estate’s Lake Forest office. “Vents are a source of visible dust and should be wiped down regularly. However, dirty air ducts are often overlooked, and can be a source of dust and mold getting recirculated throughout your home,” said Cook Falls. She recommends hiring a professional duct cleaning service. This is also a good time to change furnace filters.

Carpets, upholstery, and window treatments also should receive an annual deep clean. A professional cleaning company can typically complete a job within a day, but specialty rugs may need to be removed and cleaned offsite.


Safe and Sound

Resolutions related to your home help maintain the space as a welcome retreat throughout the year. And while your house should always feel inviting, it’s also important that it’s safe. Use the new year as an opportunity to check smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries, as well as dryer vents and ducts to make sure they’re free of excess lint that can be a fire hazard. If you have a chimney, make sure it’s clean and free of debris to prevent fires. Many companies offer the combined service of cleaning air ducts, dryer vents and chimneys.

Written by @properties
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