Agent Spotlight: Jacqueline Lotzof

Jacqueline Lotzof has been in real estate from the get-go, and we can see why! This hardworking visionary is constantly putting her clients first (even responding while in labor ?) and works hard with her clients to cultivate a sincere community.

We’re lucky to have this dedicated individual at @properties, which is why this week we’re turning the spotlight on Jacqueline.

@properties: How did you land in a real estate career?
Jacqueline: Real estate has always been my career. After college I began as a commercial real estate broker for a national builder of industrial, medical and office buildings; I was on their dispositions team. My boss was a very experienced and terrific mentor and he taught me how to underwrite and negotiate complex deals. I was there for three years and cumulatively I worked on $200 million in transactions.

@properties: What is your favorite part of working in real estate?
J: I love how each and every day in real estate is unique. I am constantly meeting new clients and walking through new homes. I am able to become an integral part of helping clients make one of the most important (financial and emotional) decisions of their lives. I never stop at the transaction; I help my clients make a community for themselves and continue to keep in touch to help with whatever they need.

@properties: How do you start each day?
J: I feel my best when I start my day with an early workout. I love Shred 415 and more recently Shri Yoga and Club Pilates. Almost immediately after I’ll make a Nespresso coffee and make a list of clients to follow up with and action items for the day. Most importantly I always start my day playing with my kids.









@properties: Take us on a tour… What was your first home like?
J: My first home was a condo in the Gold Coast neighborhood of Chicago. We bought a unit that needed to be fully gutted to the studs. I loved the process of remodeling so I was more than ready to tackle this project (all while working full time and planning my wedding – although I would not recommend home remodeling and wedding planning at the same time to anyone!)

@properties: When you moved into your home, what was the first big-ticket item you purchased? 
J: Patio Furniture! When we made the move from the city to the suburbs we were most excited about all the outdoor space we had! We love to entertain so solid, long-lasting furniture (that’s also athletically pleasing) was a must. Normally, when Chicago weather is cooperative, we spend most of our time entertaining family and friends throughout the summer.

@properties: What’s the one thing you literally could not do your job without?
J: I wish this wasn’t the case but my cell phone. I am 100% guilty of being on it too much but it’s how I find my clients pocket listings and communicate 24/7 with other agents, attorneys, lenders, photographers and of course clients!

@properties: If we’re out to eat in Highland Park, where should we eat and what should we order?
J: Abigail’s American Bistro without a doubt! Abigails is a local spot right down the street from me in the Ravinia neighborhood of Highland Park, but it’s also a very popular destination to travel to from all over the North Shore. Although there is so much to love about the restaurant, my all-time favorite dish is their Cobb Salad and roasted Brussel Sprouts. You really can’t go wrong with any dish on their menu; I could go on and on!

@properties: We want to know… What do you love most about your neighborhood?
J: I love how my neighborhood is walkable to most of Highland Parks “hot spots”; Rosewood Beach, Ravinia Festival, downtown Highland Park and Botanic Gardens. Also, Baker Boys for coffee and pastries, which probably should have been mentioned first!

@properties: The best piece of advice I’ve ever been given was…
J: When the going gets tough the tough get going. My grandfather shared JFK’s quote with me from a young age and it has stuck with me ever since. Till this day he has always been one of my biggest supporters.

@properties: If you sat down with a new real estate agent, what is the one piece of advice you’d share? 
J: Be authentic. People will hire you once they trust you. If often takes time to earn trust, but it can only be achieved by being authentically yourself.

@properties: What are 3 words clients would use to describe you? 3 words your family would use?
J: Clients have described me as knowledgeable, responsive and as having a strong vision.

  • Knowledgeable – Growing up in the North Shore and having lived in the city, I have a unique understanding of multiple markets and the emotion behind moving or selecting a new place to call your home.
  • Responsive – In today’s world speed of response is not a nice to have, its mandatory (I even once responded to a client post epidural but pre-birth of my twins).
  • Vision – When I walk into a home I help my clients envision what living there could look like in 1, 5 and 10 years. Sometimes this requires being able to see a small remodeling job or a complete gut job without architects and designers. I feel I am able to do this because of my extensive home remodeling background.

My family would describe me as driven, thoughtful and approachable.

  • Driven – My client’s objectives are my number one priority, and whatever I can do to put them in their dream home or sell their current home is what I set my mind to doing.
  • Thoughtful – Buying or selling a home can often be a personal and emotional experience. I try to understand my clients perspective and goals and create a unique game plan that matches their objectives.
  • Approachable – Throughout the buy/sell process, I value my clients’ opinions, wishes, and ideas. While I will always share my own advice, a mutual sense of transparency is a must.
Written by @properties
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