Agent Spotlight: Craig Easly

Craig Easly is equal parts hard worker and funny guy, and whether you know it or not, this spotlight will prove it.

Putting in the time all day, every day to sway his clients away from the idea of the “typical” real estate broker, Craig always shows up with his creative juices flowing and ready to tackle his day on head first!

Alright, first thing is first; How did you land in a real estate career?
When I was looking for my second property, I was fascinated by the process and curious about how all the agents wound up in that field. My volunteer work as a docent on the Chicago Architecture Foundation’s famous River Tour really set me on my course toward a real estate broker career. I learned to see the city through the eyes of visitors, and really appreciate the beauty and vitality of the city and its history.

What would you say is your favorite part of working in real estate?
I love the variety of each day, of being out and active, of being able to earn someone’s trust and deliver a result for them beyond what they expected. I feel like I get the chance to change the impression of a “typical real estate broker” by bringing my design and creativity and energy to helping a client get a property sold.

What is one thing you literally could not do your job without and why?
iPhone. But – I was working at the business before then, so I guess I could find a way.

We’d love to know, tell us a little bit about your own first home.
My first condo was a smart buy, and a timely sale. I wanted to not be house poor, so I gave my agent a low price limit, we looked at five units, and I picked one. This was in the Edgewater neighborhood, on a low floor in a high-rise building, ugly pink carpet, black-painted trim, original 1960s kitchen and bath fixtures.

Tell us the craziest thing that has ever happened to you on the job.
A client was climbing a set of stairs to a deck, and the stair tread broke, and he went right through to his hip and stuck there. Fortunately there was no major injury, and fortunately for the seller and listing agent, no hard feelings. He was a litigation attorney!

What are 3 things you never show up to a showing without?
Cell phone, keys to the property, and a blank contract.

Let’s go back to the beginning… How do you start each day?
With coffee, a chat with my wife, and a scan of the days news.

If we had to try something at one local restaurant, what should it be?
I love the trout at Bistro Campagne in Lincoln Square, and most of the dishes at the new Warbler.

What do you love most about your neighborhood?
We can walk two or three blocks, and have our choice of restaurants, any type of cuisine we can think of – and yet still have beautiful Welles Park nearby, a little bit of nature.

What is your favorite was to stay involved in your community? 
I stay involved with the Chicago Architecture Foundation, and support North Side Housing and Support Services – they do full wraparound services to homeless men, by getting them temporary housing, healthcare, counseling, job help, and into permanent housing.

And lastly, what did you eat for breakfast today?
Homemade grilled chicken salad.

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