@properties’ Lake Forest Office Hosts Playhouse Raffle for Second Year at 4th of July Parade

Meghan Hallagan and Tim Watts’ four children, ages one through ten, got the surprise of their summer when the managing broker of @properties’ Lake Forest office, Amy Corr, called Meghan to tell her that their family had been chosen among hundreds of entries to win @properties’ “4th of July Playhouse Raffle” held at the annual Lake Bluff parade.

With a team comprised of developer and architect Rick Swanson of Lake Forest and builder Emory Patterson of Emory Construction in Lake Forest, along with the helping hands of several brokers from the Lake Forest office of @properties, the crew worked tirelessly to build the one-of-a-kind playhouse, complete with cedar shake roofing and siding.

“After designing new homes and commercial buildings in Lake Forest for over 30 years, I jumped on the opportunity to build a playhouse. Meeting Tim, Meghan and their family, and seeing the kids ‘move in’ was truly an exhilarating experience,” says Rick Swanson.

Adds Emory Patterson, “Constructing a playhouse that was fun and whimsical yet met building standards was a great challenge. But to see the smiles on the kids’ faces was just priceless.”

Members of @properties’ Lake Forest team passed out raffle tickets along the parade route, with the playhouse proudly perched atop a float driven by Swanson and Patterson.

The playhouse was delivered to the Lake Forest family about a week after the parade, and the Watts children, along with neighborhood friends, have been enjoying it ever since.

“We really enjoy being part of the various Lake Forest and Lake Bluff community events each year, and were thrilled to partner with such a talented team to create something beyond any child’s expectations for the 4th of July parade in Lake Bluff. The best moment was seeing the expressions of joy on the kids’ faces,” adds Amy Corr.

Written by Kelly Maguire
Kelly is the corporate communications manager for @properties.