How to Convert Your Guest Room into a Hotel-Inspired Haven

Create a welcoming retreat for guests this holiday season by creating a relaxing oasis for them to retreat to amid the holiday chaos. Envision your own dream hotel stay to design a luxury getaway for your guests within your home.

Consider incorporating the below elements into your perfect guest room to create a welcoming escape for your visiting family and friends.

Upgrade the Bedding

Don’t let the guest room become the catch-all for your old mattress and discarded bedding. If your budget allows, invest in a high-quality mattress, such as the Casper Wave (be warned: your guests might book their return visit before their their trip is over) to provide a true retreat.

Top the luxury mattress experience with new linens, an ample pillow selection, a plush comforter and extra blankets.

Extra luxe touch: Display a bottle of lavender pillow mist for guests to spritz their pillows before falling into a blissful sleep.

Prepare a Selection of Towels and Toiletries

Leave an ample stack of clean towels and washcloths for your guests, as well as a basket with any toiletries they will need but may have forgotten (think: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, body lotion, deodorant, razor, floss, etc.).

Install a coat hook on the back of the bedroom door for guests to have a space to hang up a damp towel, without worrying about occupying additional space in the bathroom.

Extra luxe touch: Provide a unisex robe and disposable spa slippers to keep guests warm on chilly mornings, and so they don’t need to carry all their clothes with them into the bathroom.

Allow Space for Personal Belongings

Whether it’s a small side table, or a desk that can double as a workspace when you don’t have houseguests, create an area for guests to set miscellaneous items, such as keys, makeup, jewelry, etc.

Extra luxe touch: Purchase a luggage rack for guests to comfortably access their belongings when staying at your home.

Keep Storage Areas Free

While storage space can be limited, try to keep the guest room closet as clear as possible. If you need to use the closet to store your out-of-season clothes, try to keep these items contained to one side, or consider moving them to under-bed storage baskets.

Extra luxe touch: Fill the closet with velvet hangers so your guests have a special spot to hang their holiday attire.

Create an Additional Sitting Area

Regardless of the room size, you probably have the space to include a small chair for friends and family to sit on when putting on shoes, talking on the phone, or catching up on work.

Extra luxe touch: Add an ottoman for guests to kick up their feet and a side table stacked with new magazines, your favorite books and the local paper.

Display Nightstand Necessities

Once it’s time for your visitors to call it a night, help them rest easy by displaying some nightstand necessities. Style the bedside tables with a clock, lamp and a water carafe filled with fresh water.

Extra luxe touch: Fresh flowers elevate any space and breathe life into a room. Set out a small vase with with a bouquet of blooms in a calming color, such as white roses or hydrangeas.

Provide Basic Electronics

Traveling with electronics can be cumbersome — and easy to forget. Lessen the load of your guests by providing the inevitable items they will need, such as a hairdryer, iron or clothes steamer and a spare phone charger.

Extra luxe touch: Create a central charging station with enough outlets and USB portals for phones, tablets, computers and more.

Leave Tools for Self-Efficiency

Help your guest be self-sufficient in your home by leaving a spare key and creating a document with the garage door code, Wi-Fi password, Netflix password and any additional codes, such as any required building codes.

Extra luxe touch: Provide an overview of your favorite local restaurants, shopping areas, outdoor parks and include several maps so your guests can familiarize themselves with the area before adventuring out on their own.

Stock Up on Snacks

Every houseguest (and host!) may need to take a few moments to themselves, so provide guests with some sustenance so they can recharge in solitude. Fill a bar cart with a Keurig machine so they can enjoy their coffee in bed, include bottled water for quick hydration and a selection of snacks so they don’t feel like they are intruding in the kitchen.

Extra luxe touch: Set out a tray on the kitchen counter with various breakfast, lunch and snack items, as well as one in the refrigerator of easy-to-grab fruits, veggies, meats, cheeses, etc.

Furnish the Room with Window Treatments

Hosting and entertaining guests — especially during the holidays — usually includes a lot of activity and not much rest. When it’s time to hit the pillow, ensure friends and family can fully recharge for the next day with the help of blackout shades.

Extra luxe touch: Install motorized window treatments so guests can enjoy the sunlight first thing, without getting out of bed.

Personalize the Décor

When decorating the guest room, take a personalized approach. For example, if you live in Lincoln Park, hang a framed neighborhood map so guests can visualize their surroundings. Other city-specific artwork suggestions would be an aerial photograph of Oak Street Beach, a watercolor of the Chicago skyline, or a large-scale photograph of Lake Michigan.

Extra luxe touch: Update the photos in the frames to include a few pictures of you and your guests together.

Written by Deanna Kane
Deanna Kane is an interiors, home decor, and real estate writer. She enjoys taking on her own home renovation and design projects, and staying current on the local real estate market.