Creating the Perfect Outdoor Media Room

Here’s the dilemma: it’s a beautiful summer evening, the sun is setting, and the air feels just right. But you’ve been dying to catch up on your favorite TV series, and you know you’ll feel guilty about spending such a perfect night inside on the living room sofa. What if you could watch that show or ballgame or movie under the stars? With the growing popularity of outdoor media rooms, it’s easy to blend entertainment with relaxation in natural environments.

Transforming your backyard or rooftop deck into a fully functional media room has become quite popular since the early days of the pandemic motivated us to seek outdoor entertainment in droves. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the essential elements to create a warm and welcoming outdoor entertainment space, including outdoor TVs, audio systems, furniture, lighting and convenient kitchen amenities. Let’s dive in!

Outdoor TVs: Visual Brilliance that Defies the Elements

Investing in an outdoor television is the most important step in creating an open-air media space that can be enjoyed for years. These TVs are built to withstand various weather conditions, namely heat and moisture, ensuring reliable performance and long-lasting durability.

Like their indoor counterparts, outdoor TVs can vary widely in cost depending on picture quality, weatherproofing technology, size, and brightness. But expect to spend about two to three times the cost of a comparable indoor TV. Brightness is the most important consideration, and generally the brighter the environment, the more brightness you’ll need in the TV. Not surprisingly, the brighter the TV, the more it typically costs.

Manufacturers make models designed for full shade, partial sun, and full sun, so give some thought to where and how you can locate your TV. You can potentially save yourself a lot of money by designing your outdoor media room with the TV in a shaded area. Similarly, if you’re placing the TV near a pool or other area where it can come into contact with water (including rain), you’ll want to make sure that it offers ample protection. Outdoor TVs carry an IP rating, which stands for ingress protection. The rating usually has two numbers – one for dust and one for liquids, and the higher the rating, the more protection it offers.

With a high-quality TV that is appropriately spec’d for your space, you’ll enjoy countless hours of entertainment.

Audio System: Unleashing the Power of Sound

Now that you’ve got the TV squared away, it’s time to think about sound. A high-quality audio system will enhance any outdoor entertainment setup. If you’re just looking to upgrade your TV audio, some manufacturers sell weatherproof soundbars, but you can also create a full surround sound experience with an assortment of speakers. Again, weatherproofing is a must, and unlike a TV, speakers are often fully exposed to the elements, so make sure you’re investing in something durable. Wireless speakers are highly recommended. Not only are they easy to install, but they can also be moved to different locations or brought inside for storage. For the gardeners among us, landscape or garden speakers are a great option because they blend into the natural environment with their low profile or camouflaging design. Quality outdoor speakers can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

Outdoor Furniture: Comfort Meets Style

No outdoor media room is complete without comfortable and stylish outdoor furniture. Choose weather-resistant materials that can withstand sun, rain, and other elements. Look for options like weatherproof cushions, wicker furniture, or durable metal frames. Incorporate flexible seating arrangements that accommodate both intimate gatherings and larger groups, ensuring everyone can relax and enjoy the entertainment. There are many inexpensive furniture options, but like everything else, you typically get what you pay for. To ensure that your furniture lasts for several years, we recommend investing in quality pieces.

Outdoor Lighting: Setting the Mood

Enhance the ambiance of your outdoor media room with well-placed lighting. Install a combination of functional and decorative lighting, such as LED string lights, spotlights, tree lighting or pathway lights. Solar powered lighting, dimmers and smart lighting systems can provide flexibility, energy efficiency and control over the lighting levels.

Kitchen Amenities: Culinary Delights Al Fresco

Finally, to take your outdoor media room to the next level consider incorporating convenient kitchen amenities. This way, you can prepare delicious meals and beverages without constantly running back and forth to your indoor kitchen. Install an outdoor kitchen complete with a countertop, refrigerator, and storage space. A sink is a nice luxury if your yard or deck has plumbing. Enjoy the perfect blend of entertainment and culinary delights right in your outdoor oasis.

By creating an open-air media room, whether in your suburban backyard or on a deck in the city, you can transform your outdoor space into a haven for relaxation and entertainment. Incorporating a weatherproof TV, quality audio system, comfortable furniture, ambient lighting, and convenient kitchen amenities will elevate your outdoor experience. Embrace the beauty of nature while enjoying your favorite movies, music, or sports events in style. Get ready to make unforgettable memories in your own outdoor paradise!

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