Ornament organizers you need this year

It’s the most wonderful time of year: time to haul 17 plastic bins of holiday decorations down from our 7th floor storage unit and then up to our home in a fourth-floor walk-up.

My family thinks it is Christmas chaos.

I think it is a heavenly host of ornaments beautifully organized by family member and breakableness, each labeled, easy to access and ready to hang.

Here are a few of my favorite ways to keep our baubles securely ordered and stored 11 months of the year.

Think outside of the (ornament) box

Although originally designed for china tea cups or cocktail glasses, this gray twill storage organizer will separate and store your ornaments in style.

If you live in a small space and need to stash your holiday wares on open shelves or in your hyper-organized pantry – no worries.

All your sparkly stuff will fit beautifully inside – and out and about in your lovely home.

Available on Amazon.com. 

For the traditionalist, a beautiful little handmade wooden box is as close as you can get to holding your most beloved holiday treasure in your own hands all year long.

This beauty is made of variegated ironwood and sapwood and is a delightful place to rest an antique star, your mother’s wedding pearls, a silver anniversary spoon or whatever trinkets you place most lovingly on the tree.

Available on Etsy.

Pull an underused handcrafted tea box out of the pantry or invest in a cardboard, wooden or bamboo (like the one above) box to house your holiday decor. The divided compartments and easy-view top make this an ideal up-cycle.

Available on Amazon.

If you scored a vintage jewelry box from an estate sale years ago, it’s now the loveliest little luxe home to your tiny holiday trinkets.

Take advantage of little lined drawers and ring holders to sort the ornaments, or pack a few precious items into the larger spaces.

What could make this an even better way to reuse the accessory’s favorite accessory?

If it plays a little tune when you open it up every December.

Available on Etsy.

Tuck away your tree-trimming jewels in an engraved keepsake box.  This beautifully handcrafted version is a perfect wedding or housewarming gift, and surely will become an heirloom along with all the ornaments inside.

Available on Etsy.

Make use of great basics 


For easy lifting, this ornament carry-all has it all. From a festive fabric outer with tidy zippers and a see-through top so you can see exactly what’s inside to a label pocket and  protective nooks for all your knickknacks, this carry-all will make the holidays so much easier.

Available on Amazon.

To protect your treasures and breakables, even when stacked high inside a closet, a sturdy hinged-lid bin is your best friend.

The wing-style tops make access easy.

Bend the cardboard inserts back to make room for your kindergartener’s gigantic pom-pon wreath or Grandma’s hand-crocheted angel.

Available at Container Store.

Ideal for homemade ornaments and others that are not too delicate, soft sided see-through cubes are the best bet.

They hold a lot, so one will work for a small tree’s worth of decorations, and they are affordable enough to buy a slew if you like to go all out with the adornment.

Slide these organizers onto the shelves you have set up in the garage or storage space for easy access.

Available at Kohl’s.

Written by Jessica Ashley
Jessica Ashley is a writer, coach and the voice of Single Mom Nation and its sister podcast. She wears inappropriately high heels to the playground, is mom to a teenager and a threenager and lives with her chef boyfriend on the north side of Chicago.