Wallpaper is Back with Mitchell Black

It’s no secret that wallpaper is back on the scene. Prints, colors and texture are gracing the walls of homes and commercial locations everywhere. Talk about interior elevation! With an increasing amount of interest in wallpaper, we sat down with Marcy Swerdlow of Mitchell Black to answer some FAQ’s and shed light on the options you have to incorporate wallpaper into your home.

What’s Trending?

With a fatigue around plain white, beige and black walls, wallpaper has allowed personality to shine through. That want for something neutral still remains, but incorporating a pattern adds that designer element to a room. Floral patterns, understated stalks, bright colors and murals are among the favorites.

Gray Malin Wallpaper x Mitchell Black Home (Design: Ocean Swimmers)

Types of Wallpaper

  • PEEL & STICK Natural Paper: A self-adhesive paper that provides a matte-finish and subtle texture.
  • PEEL & STICK Vinyl: This option has the ability to be repositioned and is wipeable.
  • PRE-PASTED Paper: An eco-friendly option that is pre-pasted and requires water to activate the adhesive.
  • MATTE EMBOSSED VINYL: This option offers a matte finish and subtle texture. It requires wallpaper paste.
  • PEARL VINYL: This option is considered Type II, which means its a medium/heavy duty wall covering. Its optimal for high traffic areas and requires a paste to adhere.
  • PEARL SMOOTH: This different finish is also considered Type II and meant for high traffic areas. Paste is required.
  • GRASSCLOTH: A fibrous wall covering that offers texture and requires paste to be applied.

Peel & Stick vs. Traditional Wallpaper

When it comes to peel & stick and traditional paper, it depends on personal preference and need. However, there are great benefits to peel & stick. Removal wallpaper is perfect for rentals and home staging. It’s easy to apply, reposition, remove and relatively inexpensive to update.

Mitchell Black Spring 2019 Collection (Design: Slither)

What to Consider:

Marcy advises to consider pattern and scale when selecting your wallpaper. Patterns repeat on paper so its important to be aware of size and repetition to ensure your room looks its best.

Where to Experiment:

For those wanting to explore wallpaper, Marcy recommends starting out with a small bathroom or an accent wall. If you want to think outside of the box, add the wall covering to the ceiling instead to create an unexpected and welcome pop of fun.

The Blush Label x Mitchell Black (Design: Bamboo)

How to Mix Color and Pattern

One of the best things about wallpaper is that you have access to so many different types of colors and patterns. There is no rule when it comes to design, so you can really let your creativity shine.

Marcy recommends staying within the same color family to create a complimentary and appealing design. Mixing small and large scale patterns creates an interesting visual, as well as pairing striped papers with floral ones.

What’s Next?

It’s forecasted to see more grasscloth, new patterns and more peel & stick paper for accent walls. We can expect to see more adorned walls in children’s rooms, college dorms, play rooms and laundry rooms.

Mitchell Black Organic Collection (Design: Mountain Mural)

About Mitchell Black

Mitchell Black® is an American home decor brand. They specialize in custom wall art, wallcovering, wallpaper, designer flooring, decorative pillows, scented soy candles and letterpress stationery.

Written by Samantha Shreve
Samantha Shreve is the digital content specialist at @properties.