LGBTQ+ Artists and Allies Shine During Pride Month and Beyond

@properties Christie’s International Real Estate has long been a supporter of the arts. And as we continue to honor Pride month, we had no trouble finding several flourishing LGBTQ+ artists and allies within the Chicagoland area. Utilizing a variety of mediums, here are seven artists that demonstrate their exceptional gifts while also supporting LGBTQ+ individuals.

Sam Kirk

Sam Kirk explores culture and identity politics through various art disciplines. She prides herself on showcasing vivid images of women, members of the LGBTQ+ community, and those who are historically underrepresented. Many of her pieces are public murals used to spark dialogue, and they can be found throughout Chicago. She also recently illustrated a children’s book titled “The Meaning of Pride.”

photo credit: @iamsamkirk

Faith Phillips

Owner of Wish Me Luck Tattoo, Faith Phillips’ artwork comes to life on the human body. She specializes in traditional designs inspired by the American cultural climate and her art is marked by bold lines, solid fields of color, and heavy shading. Phillips believes tattooing can be transformational and credits it with breaking barriers for historically marginalized groups.

Kathleen Hinkel

Photography has allowed Kathleen Hinkel to explore and document the LGBTQ+ community throughout Chicago. In addition to stunning neighborhood photography, Hinkel is a photojournalist whose work has been featured in a variety of publications. She also has a documentary-style wedding photography business that takes her around the country and beyond.

Sandra Antongiorigi

Known for her painted murals showcased throughout Chicago, as well as within several galleries, Sandra Antongiorigi often features Latina and transgendered persons in hopes of honoring underrepresented people of color. Drawing from her own life experiences and relationships, her goal is for others to recognize systemic struggles that often go unnoticed. She is also a vocal advocate for the anti-erasure of murals and is spearheading a permanent public mural registry that would preserve and protect cultural murals in Chicago.

Joseph Varisco

An art curator, Joseph Varisco works to highlight the creative practices of LGBTQ+ individuals and underrepresented populations, partnering with over 3,000 artists and organizations to produce original art and projects. Varisco has conducted panels, as well as theatre and film workshops with various artists, and their efforts have been recognized by the Chicago History Museum and featured nationally. Varisco’s practice is dedicated to amplifying queer art.

Andy Bellomo

Beginning her artistic journey in stained glass, Andy Bellomo translated the medium’s use of lines and color into abstract pieces and large-scale murals that emphasize social change and justice. Her most recent work is a queer mural series highlighting the work and activism of Chicago’s LGBTQ+ groups. Found throughout Chicago, her murals use materials including tile, mirror, stained glass, paint, wood, and cement.

photo credit: @andybmix

Chi Nwosu

Chi Nwosu is a multidisciplinary artist who works primarily in photography with a mission of engaging audiences for select brands, products, and services. Their work has been featured in Walgreens email campaigns, in addition to advertising for locally owned businesses. Nwosu’s work is intended to create memorable visual experiences for brands that seek to build positive relationships within their communities.

Written by @properties
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