Keep Calm and Declutter

Most homes could use a little spring cleaning and organization. Some look like candidates for the next episode of Hoarders.

Wherever your home falls on that scale, this is the time of year to think about decluttering – and that’s especially true for today’s home sellers.

Here are a few tips to help ensure your home is in tip-top shape for the peak spring market.


Less is more, according to the experts featured in our video. Start by paring down and determining what you no longer need in your home.


The rule of thumb is if you haven’t worn it in a year, donate it. The timing is great because donations are tax deductible, so you might even save a few bucks.


In the age of the cloud, it’s easier than ever to go digital. Convert those bulky old VHS tapes, CDs and photo albums into digital files.


Store loose objects into bins, baskets or re-purposed containers like mason jars. If you are organizing small spaces, maximize the vertical space with shelving.


Typically the last step, labeling creates a system that you can keep in place over time. Add an element of design with DIY labels made from things like chalkboard paint, clothespins and luggage tags.

As the saying goes, ‘tidy house, tidy mind.’ Good luck decluttering!

Written by Kelly Maguire
Kelly is the corporate communications manager for @properties.