Housing Horoscope: Is Your Dream Home Written in the Stars?

Bungalow or high-rise? Loft or Queen Anne? Vintage walk-up or new construction? With so many housing choices in Chicago, we thought it would be fun to match up home styles with horoscopes. Of course, you’ll want to consult a Realtor before you start your search. But let’s just imagine what your sign might say about your ideal home sweet home.


Bold, assertive, independent Aries appreciate simplicity, value and practical comfort. Aries would be right at home in a mid-century single-family home with clean lines and bold design. A mid-century home suits their disdain for chaos and makes a strong statement with its open design.


This classic, patient, warmhearted earth sign would be right at home in a classic Chicago two- or three-flat. The iconic Chicago homes, the majority built between 1900-1920, once made up a quarter of the city’s housing stock. A Taurus would appreciate the practicality of owning a two-flat, allowing them to live in one unit and rent the other for extra income.


Fun-loving, versatile and social Geminis might be right at home in a mixed-use development. The latest in condo developments offers a mix of residential, commercial and cultural areas providing Geminis plenty of opportunities for a change of scenery, dinner with old friends or coffee with new neighbors.


Emotional, imaginative, and cautious, Cancers aren’t looking for something flashy. Chicago’s courtyard buildings built in the early 1900s suit Cancers’ traditional, classic style. The spacious U-shaped buildings offer protected green space, plenty of light and privacy as each condo building has its own front entry and stairwell leading to no more than six units.


Generous, creative, enthusiastic, regal, majestic lions who love to roar are the perfect match for a Queen Anne or Victorian home. Leos will be right at home as the center of attention in a beautiful painted lady in all its splendor – from dramatic entrances and wraparound porches to colorful detail.


Modest, meticulous, practical, perfectionists, Virgos appreciate quality over quantity and classic over trendy. Naturally, they’re a great fit for a classic Chicago bungalow. The modest 1.5-story brick single-family homes were mostly built in the early 20th century. They can be found across the city and in a stunning display in the city’s “bungalow belt”.


Diplomatic, easygoing, sociable Libras appreciate simple beauty. Libras will find the calm elegance they adore in a Greystone. The stately homes with limestone facades come in all sizes from multi-unit buildings to spacious single-family homes with backyard space and gracious garage-top decks for entertaining


Passionate, compulsive, resourceful Scorpios with a need for action and an eye for detail will find plenty of options amid the city’s luxury mid-rise and high-rise condo buildings, offering breathtaking views and every amenity — from pools and meditation rooms to community spaces and dog runs. Styles range from new sleek and shiny high-rises to neo-classical vintage apartment buildings.


Freedom-loving, optimistic, excitement-seeking Sagittarians could be a perfect fit for a Transit Oriented Development (TOD). The latest in condo communities designed to eliminate the hassle of cars and parking offers easy access – usually a short walk – to public transportation, work, dining, and shopping. TODs offer the flexibility Sagittarians crave to go wherever their free spirit takes them.


Practical, ambitious, disciplined, Capricorns are natural-born leaders. Goal-oriented Capricorns will appreciate a new construction single-family home that suits their sophisticated style and practicality, offering both form and function with professional kitchens, custom closets and backyard space the earth sign will appreciate.


Inventive, independent, humanitarian, creative and cool Aquarians are a great match for Adaptive Reuse homes that fit their unconventional flare. In addition to converted industrial spaces, there are reimagined schools (chalkboards included) and historic churches finding a second life repurposed as luxury condos and stunning homes. They’re not for everyone, which is exactly the point.


Imaginative, sensitive, compassionate, kind and social, open-minded Pisceans will appreciate a great loft space offering a great canvas to make it their own. Whether converted from a 1900s warehouse or industrial space or newer construction designed for loft living with exposed brick and wide open spaces, the city offers many options just waiting for a little imagination to make them home.

Written by Linda DiJohn
Linda DiJohn is a marketing communications consultant and storyteller with a passion for all things Chicago. She is a former reporter and senior executive with global PR and advertising agencies. She lives in Andersonville with the loves of her life -- husband Tony and rescue pup Cooper.