Earth Day: The Rise of Sustainable Home Design

Home in Barrington, Illinois

Earth Day is the perfect occasion to recognize the growing trend of sustainable home design. Also referred to as green home design, it involves constructing eco-friendly residences through the use of environmentally sustainable materials. Read on to discover five sustainable home design trends that are shaping the future of residential real estate.

E​nergy Efficiency

Apartment in Humboldt Park, Chicago

Energy efficiency is at the heart of sustainable home design, and it comes with the tangible benefit of saving money. Sustainable homes are carefully crafted to use as little energy as possible, from the installation of efficient windows, like in this Humboldt Park condominium, to the use of insulation to minimize heat loss. And when you combine these elements with high-efficiency heating and cooling systems, you’ve got a home that’s both comfortable and sustainable. By cutting down on energy usage, homeowners can make a real difference while enjoying the benefits of lower bills.

S​ustainable Materials

Chicago apartment

Sustainable materials are more than just a trend; they are the beating heart of green home design. These materials have a low carbon footprint, making them the perfect choice for homeowners who care about the health of the planet. From bamboo flooring, like you’ll find in the bedrooms of this condo in The Loop, to recycled glass countertops, sustainable materials come in many forms. By opting for sustainable materials, homeowners can create a space that’s not only stylish and individual but also makes a significant contribution to reducing their environmental impact.

N​atural Light & Ventilation

Home in Glenview, Illinois

Sustainable home design is also about maximizing natural light and ventilation to create a healthier and more comfortable living space. By incorporating skylights, large windows, and open floor plans, like this Glenview residence, and by orienting plans to make the most of the weather conditions during each season, sustainable homes can reduce the need for artificial lighting, heating and cooling while improving indoor air quality.

S​mart Home Technology

Oswego home

One of the latest trends in sustainable home design is the integration of smart home technology. New construction projects, like this four-bed, two-and-a-half bath Oswego house, use tech that enables homeowners to track and manage their home’s energy consumption. Want to turn off the lights or adjust the temperature while you’re away? It’s as simple as pulling out your smartphone. By combining sustainability and smart tech, homeowners can create a home that’s not only eco-friendly but cutting-edge and convenient.

Outdoor Spaces

Backyard patio in Barrington, Illinois

Sustainable home design isn’t just about the inside of your home – it extends to the outdoors as well. Sustainable landscaping practices can reduce water usage, incorporating the use of drought-resistant plants, rain gardens, and rain barrels. Outdoor living spaces, such as decks and patios, can also be designed to be more eco-friendly with the use of sustainable materials. Creating an open-air oasis, like you can find in this Barrington Hills home, lets you fully connect with nature whenever you feel the need.


Written by Pat Howard
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