Decorating for a Date-Night In


There are a million reasons why you and your sweetie might decide to stay in this Valentine’s Day. But just because you don’t go out for your date mean it’s a second rate night! Date Nights In can be extremely fun, intimate, and romantic.

To ensure your Valentine’s Date Night In is a success, we’ve put together a list for you to make your home date-ready!

Clean Up

Nothing kills a mood faster than a dirty home, so make sure you’ve gone through and cleaned up. Do the dishes, take out the trash—anything that will lead to a smelly night. If you feel like cleaning the entire home is too much, focus on cleaning and cutting clutter of the rooms you’ll be spending the evening in.

Dim the Lights

An easy way to set the mood is with lighting.  Keep the lighting low and romantic. If you use any of your electric lighting, try to use those items on a dimmer. Candles are a great way to inspire relaxation and romance. If you don’t have any candles around and your budget is tight, tea lights are an affordable option that will still get the job done.

Flowers are Win-Win

It’s pretty customary to get your partner flowers on Valentine’s Day, so it’s likely you were already going to make this purchase anyway. Having them on your date night in makes a great first impression, are a beautiful addition to your setting, and also keep the room smelling fresh throughout the night.

Turn up the Jams

Great for relaxing and finding your groove, there are numerous paths to choose when picking music. Queue up a list of you and your sweetie’s favorite songs, pull out the classic love ballads, or click play on Spotify’s Valentine’s playlist. Whether you’re putting on Frank Sinatra or Ed Sheeran, music is just another sense to play to when setting the mood.

Bring out the China

There are many reasons why a couple might decide to stay in, but just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you have to feel like it. Whether you’re eating take-out or cooking a delicious 4-course meal together, break out the fine dinnerware to make the night extra special. You’d be surprised to just how much this small change will transform your night into the most luxurious night in.

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