Discovering Chicagoland’s Art and Antique Markets

Whether you’re making a move and preparing to decorate a new space or refreshing your current space, Chicagoland’s vibrant art and antique markets offer endless inspiration – and the chance to uncover some truly amazing finds.

“Art and antiques are a great way to add layers to a beautiful room,” says LJ Savarie, owner of Savarie Interiors in Winnetka. “They spark conversation and, most importantly, should give you joy every time you look at them.”

If you’re looking for arts and antiques or just want some fresh inspiration, schedule a time to explore a few of our favorites.

Old Plank Antiques (Humboldt Park)
Location: 1750-56 N. Springfield Ave, Chicago
Hours: Mon-Thurs, 6 AM – 4 PM

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This 31,000-square-foot showroom in Humboldt Park features one of the best collections of European and French Country antiques in the area. Family-owned and operated for nearly 30 years, Old Plank caters to a professional design crowd and casual shoppers, sharing the team’s “love of history, culture, art, tradition, and old-time craftsmanship” with the world.

One step inside the showroom and Old Plank’s commitment to its craft is clear. Here, you’ll find a meticulously curated selection with a touch of European elegance.

Not only can you browse antiques, but Old Plank is also home to an on-site workshop where shoppers can order handcrafted, custom furnishings when you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for. Custom pieces are made in the showroom workshop, and Old Plank artisans can help conjure inspiration or copy a piece you’ve seen elsewhere, crafting a piece to style, specs, and space. They can also take on metalwork commissions.

A final perk of visiting Old Plank is meeting the showroom’s “Resident Security Team,” which includes onsite pets Fushi, Charlie, Henry, and even a Macaw Parrot.

Heritage Trail Mercantile (Northfield)
Location: 190-B Northfield Road, Northfield
Hours: Mon-Fri, 10 AM – 6 PM; Sat, 10 AM – 5:30 PM; Sun, 12 PM – 5 PM

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Heritage Trail Mercantile (HTM) is a family-owned antique mall featuring 42 Chicagoland antique and vintage vendors. Formerly in Wilmette, this new Northfield location houses jaw-dropping collections of everything from original art and home decor to jewelry, gifts, memorabilia, and more, spread throughout a beautiful loft-inspired space.

Since day one, HTM has been focused on helping people create their personal spaces by bringing in unique art and other special pieces versus settling for mainstream trends and mass-produced decor.

“I love Heritage Trail in Northfield – I’m there every few weeks,” Savarie says. “They have so many vendors and are always rotating in new things. They’re great to work with and have become a go-to. You can get reupholstered chairs or pick up some little accessories or bigger pieces. It runs the gamut.”

It’s also a great place to find inspiration, Savarie notes. With dozens of onsite vendors, each with a specific aesthetic and collection, it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for – even if you aren’t entirely looking for it when you walk in. From traditional antiques to Mid-Century modern to jewelry and artwork with centuries-old history, HTM is like nothing else – and it’s no doubt the perfect spot to furnish your new home or find that special piece it’s missing.


Location: New Chicago showroom coming soon

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Named one of Veranda magazine’s 18 Best Places to Buy Antique & Vintage Furniture Online, Right | Proper Home is where modern meets vintage in a rich collection.

Run by antiques and art expert Erik Retzer, RIGHT | PROPER reflects his decade-long exploration of the world—a rich, diverse design boutique and online shop featuring heritage furniture, home accessories, and global pieces you won’t find anywhere else. New pieces constantly flow into RIGHT | PROPER, as Retzer always searches for elegant, well-made pieces that reflect traditional craftsmanship.

What’s most impressive about RIGHT | PROPER, though, isn’t the pieces themselves – it’s the story behind every one of them. Bring home pieces from this studio – or order online – and instantly bring a unique depth and interest into your space that tells your story and stories from the past.

Broadway Antique Market (Edgewater)

Location: 6130 N. Broadway Ave, Chicago

Hours: Thurs-Sun, 11 AM – 6 PM

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A staple in Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood for over 30 years, walking through the Broadway Antique Market is like taking a trip through time. With two floors of inventory, this antique market is one of the largest in the city.

On the first floor, shoppers can find an impressive collection of vinyl records and vintage clothing and accessories. And the second floor is home to an eclectic assortment of antique furniture and home decor. With a selection that ranges from designer art deco furniture to mid-century modern masterpieces, Broadway Antique Market caters to a variety of interior design styles.

Broadway Antique Market also offers their inventory as prop rentals for TV and movie shoots – so whatever you go home with may have been on the big screen. You can browse their inventory online via their website, Instagram and eBay.

Redefined Décor (West Town)

Location: 1819 W. Grand Ave, Chicago
Hours: Daily, 10 AM – 5 PM

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“Artwork and one-of-a-kind accessories are in full fanfare at this vintage sanctuary,” writes Architectural Digest of this popular Chicago antique and vintage shop. Named one of AD’s top home decor stores in the Midwest, Redefined Décor stands out for its eclectic mix of vintage finds, artisanal pieces, and fine art.

Launched in 2015 by antiques experts Bonnie Stern, Mindy Baschnagel, and Martha Peck, this West Town space offers a curated selection of antiques, vintage furnishings from the mid-20th century, accessories, and original art. The team constantly refreshes their collections with fascinating finds, making it easy to evolve your home interiors seasonally or as your tastes and needs change.

Though the inventory is always changing, expect to find stunning midcentury designer pieces – furniture, wall art, sculpture, decor, lighting, and more. The team sources globally, with an eye on  pieces that meet the team’s high quality, condition, and timeless standards.

Expert tips for making the most of every market
As you’re exploring any art or antique market, Savarie encourages people to give themselves space to explore – and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

“The more you look and ask questions, the more educated you will become,” she says. “Research,” she notes, is also key. But with time, curiosity, and a sense of creative adventure, the markets can be incredibly inspiring – and you’ll find anything and everything.

Some other pro tips:

Get Inspired Before You Go
If you’re not 100% sure what you’re looking for, prepare for your shopping trip by building an inspiration board on Pinterest board. This will help you zero in on your specific style and find pieces that align.

Measure Here – and There
Whether you’re shopping for a specific piece or have a list of items you want to add to your home, take any necessary measurements before hitting the markets. That way, you won’t run into a common challenge: finding the perfect piece but not knowing if it will fit in your space.

To that end, bring a measuring tape as you shop the markets. Other handy tools to pack are a small flashlight and a magnifying glass to examine pieces closely.

Have a Moving Plan

If you’re shopping for large items, consider how you’ll get them home. Some markets offer delivery services, or you might need to arrange a vehicle or delivery service yourself. Call ahead if you have questions—even if markets don’t have delivery services, they’ll no doubt be able to recommend someone locally.

Get the Inside Scoop

Get as much information as possible before leaving the showroom, especially for high-investment pieces. Some antiques may not come with formal documentation, but others will. Regardless, dealers should be able to share their backgrounds and what drew them to the piece.

Buy What You Love
If you love it, buy it. Ultimately, shopping in these markets is about finding pieces that fit your space, personality, and lifestyle.

The most important thing is to have fun. When it comes to furniture, accessories, art, says Savarie, “The best part is the unexpected!”

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