6 Local Spots for Chicago-Style Pizza

As a Chicago-based real estate brokerage, we must share our favorite local pizza spots. From deep dish to pizza cooked in a coal-fire oven, we’re dishing on some of the best slices in our favorite town, Chicago.


No matter how you slice Chicago-style (see what we did there?), Bartoli’s is serving it up hot and fresh. They have original deep dish that is layered with cheese, fresh toppings, and crust with the perfect amount of doughiness and crispiness. Plot twist, they have a Chicago-style THIN crust, too. Again, layered with the freshest and most delicious toppings, this pie is light and crisp. Regardless of what you’re in the mood for, Bartoli’s has you covered through thick and thin.


While Chicago is known for deep dish, this thin crust pizza will offer you a whole new outlook on crust. Their cooking method comes straight from the name. Coalfire’s thin crust pizza is cooked inside a 1,500-degree oven powered by coal. The result is a bubbly, slightly charred, bursting with flavor pie. With over 15 specialty pizzas (including vegan options) and the option to build your own creation, there is no shortage of deliciousness for anyone.


Delicious creativity at its finest. It is clear Dimo’s looks at pizza like a blank canvas to create something unique and tasty. ‘The Classics’ section houses the usual suspects, but you can also enter a world where mac and cheese adorns pizza, or a world where pulled pork and spicy ranch happily create the ‘Dad Bod.’  (By the way, we’ve only scratched the surface on toppings). With over eight veganized pizza options, no one is left out of devouring these masterpieces.


Serving up wood-fired Neapolitan-style pizza, Parlor creates these delectable pies with seasonal and local ingredients. Such unique ‘zas include Eggs Benedict (in pizza form, of course), Burrata Be Kidding Me, and Chorizo & Potato. With a menu that rotates seasonally, you’ll always have a slice to excite your taste buds.


Just when you thought Chicago deep dish couldn’t possibly get any better, Pequod’s added a caramelized cheese crust. They started serving up their irresistible, pan-style version of the Chi-town classic back in 1970. To say locals have taken notice would be an understatement. This heavily awarded spot has claims to fame such as “#1 Best Pizza in Illinois” by NBC Chicago and one of Food Network’s “Top 5 pizzas in America”. Drop in their city or suburb location to try out the cheesy greatness for yourself.


If authentic, Southern Italian style pizza is what you’re craving, look no further than Pompei. A family business located right on Taylor Street (in the Italian Cuisine mecca of Chicago), this spot serves up square Napolitano-style pizza, exactly the way Grandpa Luigi intended. Pompei has 20 signature pizza options out for display daily, along with 12 unique ‘Pizza Strudel’ flavors for those looking to step out of the box (or pizza box, that is). You can’t get much more authentic than that.

Written by Samantha Shreve
Samantha Shreve is the digital content specialist at @properties.