The Best Plants for Each Room in the House

Spring is the perfect time to begin adding a bit of green to your home. Not quite sure where to start? Finding a plant that best suits your home can seem daunting, like what plant might thrive best in certain rooms. Don’t get too worked up, with a little guidance, finding the perfect plant for that space you’re thinking of can be easy.

Bedroom: Peace Lily

With bright and glossy leaves, Peace lilies are one of the easiest plants to care for and will breathe some life into your bedroom. These plants thrive in bright, indirect sunlight but can also flourish in low light. Peace lilies are toxic if ingested, so be sure to keep them out of reach of children and pets.

Bathroom: Fern

Do you love hot, steamy showers? So do ferns! These plants are adapted to forest floors and other spotty-light, high-humidity places, so they fare best in a bathroom with a north- or east-facing window. It’s important to make sure ferns stay moist, so if the plant is looking a little dry, a quick spritz should do the trick.

Photo by Gardening Know How

Sunroom or Entryway: Aloe

Known for all its well-known medicinal purposes, the aloe plant is a beautiful and easy-going addition to the household. A sunroom or any sunny entryway will work well as they love bright light. The best part? For those of us not great at remembering to water our plants, aloe thrives in arid conditions, and will survive from one watering to the next.

Living room: Rubber Tree

Rubber trees will grow as big as you let them, making them a natural living room focal point. Plant them in a medium to large pot to promote and stimulate growth, and cultivate a modern look with a stand-alone plant. Lots of indirect sunlight will best serve rubber trees. Their watering varies from season-to-season, so be sure you are supplying it with the correct amount of water, and make sure you wipe the leaves off every once in a while to help your tree stay healthy.

Dining room: Snake Plant

Easy to grow and dubbed as “indestructible,” the snake plant is a great addition to your dining room. Both bright and low light work for these plants as they easily adapt to their environment. As for watering, the best strategy is to keep the soil damp, which you can ensure with a simple touch-test.

Anywhere: Pothos

One of the easiest plants to grow and maintain is the Pothos. It thrives in moderate light and almost any environment, and is, quite frankly, difficult to kill. Once these plants start growing, they won’t stop — the gift that keeps on giving. They are also easy to propagate, and before you know it, you’ll have pothos in every room of the house.

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