@ Loves Local Heads to Cookie Spin for Deep-Dish Cookies

@ Loves Local is excited to be heading to Cookie Spin in Chicago’s North Center neighborhood! While this shop offers a variety of indulgent treats, owner Joe LaMondi has taken cookies to the next level. When we say this isn’t your everyday cookie, we mean it. Cookie Spin’s cookies? They’re deep-dish.

You’ll find cookie classics like chocolate chip and sugar cookie, but with over 20 flavors, you’ll come across creations that you may have only dreamed of. For example, Cookie Inception (it features cookie crumbles and cookie dough), Nutella Stuffed, and Caramel Apple caught our eye immediately.

Photo by Cookie Spin

Let’s learn more about how Cookie Spin came to be and how Joe came up with their well-known deep-dish cookie.

@properties: What inspired you to open Cookie Spin?

Joe LaMondi: I have always had a love for being in the kitchen.  My Grandma started baking with me at a very young age, and instilled in me a passion for food; that was our bond and connection. She was my inspiration for going out and opening my own business; she always told me I would someday have a restaurant.  I began working in catering during summers while I was in college, and once I graduated, began managing a catering company.  When I was 24, I came up with an idea for an on-site catering service that would serve warm cookie sundaes at events.  I booked a few big events early on, and it has grown from there.

@properties: Your shop is located in the North Center neighborhood. Was there anything in particular about this neighborhood that drew you to it?

JL: What I love about Northcenter is that even though it is in the city, it still feels like a small neighborhood.  Initially I was drawn in by the proximity to Welles Park, numerous schools, and the great collection of bars and restaurants nearby.  As we have been here nearly four years now, I have an appreciation of what a close-knit community this is.  We have so many families, couples, groups that have been coming in since we opened in 2016.  Such great support, and growth has happened for Cookie Spin here!  We truly love it!

Photo by Cookie Spin

@properties: While you have a variety of indulgence treats, let’s talk about the one that caught our eye; the deep-dish cookie. How did this creation come to be? 

JL: My favorite part of the cookie has always been the soft center, so I wanted to make the entire thing that way- thus the Deep-Dish cookie!  I did not want these to be ordinary cookies, I wanted them to be big, thick, soft, and tasty! I use a soft dough, and bake them in pie tins to keep that shape and texture.  It’s a unique style; it’s not your typical thin crunchy cookie, and people love it!

@properties: Cookie Spin has over 20 flavors and they all look amazing! During our conversation, you mentioned you experiment and work to create new flavors. Is there a new one in the works we should be on the lookout for?

JL: There are always new creations in the works!  We have a rotation of seasonal cookies- for fall, we currently have Pumpkin Spice, of course. We also have specialty milkshakes that pop-up.  Right now we have the Dunkaroo Shake, and it is INCREDIBLE!

@properties: Out of all your flavors, which deep-dish cookie flavor is a must-try?

JL: Popularity wise, our Cookie Inception is everyone’s favorite because it is loaded with chocolate and cookie dough!  Some other fan favorites are the Salted Caramel Oreo Brownie, Nutella Stuffed, and Birthday Cake. My personal favorites are the Ultimate Peanut Butter, Snickerdoodle, and Lemon Poppyseed.

The Details:

Join us at Cookie Spin Wednesday, October 14th, 2020 from 2pm – 4pm CT to pick up one of their signature deep dish cookies on the @ tab*. Cookie Spin is located at 4350 N Leavitt St, Chicago, IL 60618. Be sure to follow @atproperties and @cookiespinchicago on Instagram and use our hashtag #AtLovesLocal when you visit!

*Limited one small deep-dish cookie per person. When visiting, please respect others by wearing a mask and maintaining a 6-foot distance.

Photo by Cookie Spin

Written by @properties
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