Agent Spotlight: Tim & Amy Schiller

Brother-sister duo Tim and Amy Schiller have Elmhurst real estate in their blood. As second generation realtors, they have continued to keep their family business The Schiller Team thriving. And boy, have they made their parents proud.

While redeeming their spot as #1 office in Elmhurst (as held by their parents for over 40 years), reaching $100 million in sales, and growing their team to 10 skilled agents is impressive, all that is nothing compared to the joy that working with loved ones brings these siblings everyday. Learn all about the Schiller’s deep Elmhurst roots, ties to the community, and just how much family matters in this week’s Agent Spotlight.

At Work with Tim & Amy Schiller

How did you land in a real estate career?

Both our parents owned Schiller Real Estate, which was the #1 office in Elmhurst for 40+ years. Family business.

If this is a second, third or nth career, what were you doing previous to real estate?

Our parents rule was, before real estate we had to be in a related business for two years. Tim spend 4 years as a LO and Amy spend 4 years as a closer for Chicago title. Both jobs set us up to not only understand real estate better, but to bring a little extra knowledge into it.

What is your favorite part of working in real estate?

Besides working with family and friends, the relationships we build in our community with our peers. But mostly, carrying on the legacy our parents built.

What is one thing you literally could not do your job without?

Our team! First off, it’s not easy to work solely with family, so it’s nice to have a buffer between Tim and Amy (brother and sister). Secondly, they are our family. Not only do they help us with our sales, but they provide us with an extended family and many great, fun times.

Tell us the craziest thing that has ever happened to you on the job.

Amy once showed a client an entire house, with the master bedroom toured last. Turns out, the seller was fast asleep the entire time and had no idea they were there! It was a big surprise.

What is your proudest achievement to date?

Reaching 100 million. After selling our business, taking the chance to start over and reaching #1 again, the day we finally passed 100 million in yearly sales was more than a proud day for us. Carrying on our parents tradition of being #1 for 40 years really means a lot.

What is one piece of advice you’d give to a new real estate agent?

Besides work your butt off, I’d give them the kindness advice. Many agents don’t follow this method and it has never made sense to us. Let’s just have fun, laugh and sell some houses.

3 things you always bring with you to a showing?

Always a business card, our phones, a smile and a positive attitude! Plus knowledge of the house, street, town but that’s a given.

Who in the industry has made the most impact on your professional journey?

Our father. He started in real estate at the # 1 office, became the #1 realtor, then took a chance and started his own business which was #1 for 40+ years. His real estate career was respected more than anyone I know. He loved every minute of it, although he’s happy to be retired now!

At Home with Tim & Amy Schiller

What neighborhood do you live in?

We both live in Elmhurst.

What do you love most about your neighborhood?

We love Elmhurst! Both of us were born and raised in Elmhurst, and we’re both raising our kids there now. Our parents, grandparents and great grandparents all grew up and/or lived in Elmhurst. It’s an awesome town to raise a family!

Describe your own first home.

Tim’s was a little two story, bad location but redone by hand and loved it, actually did well on the resale. Amy’s was a small 2 bedroom ranch with her husband, also a work in progress. Amy did well, too. Think that both set us up.

What is the first big-ticket item you bought when you moved into your current home?

Tim spent his money on two new cribs, the twins and not much else, it was a crazy time. Amy purchased the house we grew up in, so she spent her cash improving a home that I’m sure wasn’t in too great of shape from us 8 kids growing up there. Looks awesome now!

If you won the lottery which property would you buy and why?

Think we’d both stay put. Tim has already grown so many memories in his current home. Plus, his wife wouldn’t let them move, too many neighbor friends. Amy lives in the the home that we all grew up in. The land, house, pool, etc., they all have memories from past and future to come.

How do you start each day?

Tim starts out with his 4 girls under 6 years old, not much time for anything else. Amy sends her daughter off to school followed by a good workout.

What did you eat for breakfast today?

Tim didn’t eat breakfast today, sitter called in sick so that was out the door. Amy always eats healthy.

At Play with Tim & Amy Schiller

What is your favorite local restaurant? What is one amazing dish you always order/recommend?

Tim likes Victory Steak. They have the best corn dish.

Amy loves her dive bars, The Club is first pick in her mind.

What do you read every single day?

Unfortunately between our texts, emails and contracts, there’s not much time to get into a good book. We save that for a vacation, if we ever take one.

You have a full day free in your town with no obligations and cost is no object. What do you do?

We’d both spend it with our family, maybe at one of the many parks, functions, etc.. honestly, we do a lot of get togethers with our team, too.

How do you stay involved in your community?

We both love our town and what it has to offer. We sponsor most of our park district’s functions (Schiller Movies in the Park, Touch A Truck, Adventure Day, etc.), we’re also a head sponsor for the Dan Gibbons Turkey Trot, which is something we took over from our parents.

What are 3 words clients would use to describe you? 3 words your family would use?

Tim – Confident, knowledgeable and charismatic.

Amy – Knowledgeable, generous and one of the best agents anyone has ever worked with.

The family describes Tim as confident, helpful and always there for fun. Amy is the helper, so generous and caring.

Tim & Amy Schiller

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Our mom always told us to kill them with kindness. Whether it be other agents or clients, no matter what, always greet them with a smile. You never know when you’re going to need them down the line.

What was one of your most defining moments?

Both is 100% having our first baby. Nothing can be more defining than becoming a parent.

If I weren’t a real estate agent, I would be…

I’m not sure we even know. Real estate is in our blood and we love it. Tim would like to win that lotto you mentioned and Amy… probably a workout instructor.

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