Agent Spotlight: The Phelps-Hanson Kardosh Group

Meet Robin Phelps-Hanson and Amber Kardosh, the two powerhouses behind The Phelps-Hanson Kardosh Group. Both successful in their own right, this ambitious duo made the decision to partner-up once realizing their shared passion for client success; the two have been a match made in real estate heaven ever since.

Describe your team in three words.

Ambitious, Conscientious, Energetic.

What were you doing previous to real estate and how did it prepare you for your current role?

Robin – Web start-up coordinator; I learned to manage multiple projects at once, which is what we do everyday in real estate.

Amber – Corporate sales; its a very people-oriented occupation, which helped me enter this job with the skills needed to work closely with clients.

What sparked the decision to go into business together?

We realized we both share the same high energy and drive to succeed for our clients.

What is your favorite part of working together in real estate?

Being able to call each other 20x per day for advice (and sometimes just to vent)!

What do you love most about the neighborhood your team specializes in?

We try to not specialize in one particular area, but rather stay educated in most. That being said, Amber is more of the loop girl while Robin covers more of the north side.

How does your team stay involved in your community? 

We’re both very involved in the neighborhood public schools our children attend.

What is your team’s proudest achievement to date?

When we both made Top Producer status with over $20 million in volume for 2018! We then made the easy decision to become partners and grow our business together.

What is the best advice your team has been given?

Don’t panic. Don’t react. Do take days off. Do put the client first.

What was one of the most defining moments for your team?

When we started finishing each other’s sentences during our listing presentations!

If you weren’t real estate agents, what would you be doing?

We would be taking real estate classes to become agents! We LOVE our jobs!

Where can people find you online? 

The Phelps Hanson Kardosh Group on Facebook and Insta!

Written by Samantha Shreve
Samantha Shreve is the digital content specialist at @properties.