A Taste of Fall in Chicagoland

The fall season is in full swing, bringing arguably the best flavors of the year to Chicagoland’s food and beverage scene. Whether you’re looking for the very best cinnamon, apple or pumpkin treats, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite seasonal sweets to enjoy throughout the area.

Best Apple Cider

There is certainly no shortage of delicious apple ciders in Chicago. These local favorites serve some of the freshest, straight-from-the-orchard cider:

Best Pumpkin-Inspired Drinks

When that inevitable pumpkin craving strikes, there are plenty of local coffee shops to get your fix. Our favorite shops take the standard PSL to the next level:

Best Apple Cider Donuts

Apple cider donuts are a seasonal delicacy, so switch up your usual donut order while they are still available:

Best Pumpkin Pie

Whether you’re enjoying a slice alone or sharing a pie with friends and family, try out one of these local staples for this quintessentially fall dessert – you won’t be disappointed:

Best Caramel Apple

There is nothing like biting into a perfectly juicy, crispy caramel-covered apple in the fall. Head to one of these longtime favorites to satisfy your taste buds with this sticky treat:

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