3 Ways To Bring The Inside Outdoors This Summer

With only a month left of summer, everyone wants to spend every second they can outdoors. Here are some fun ‘indoor’ activities you can adapt to the outdoors to end your summer with a bang.


Movie Nights
Whether you purchase a projector or work up a smartphone hack, the only other things you need are a movie, a white sheet, seats, and popcorn. Grab some of your outdoor cushions, pool floats, blankets and beach chairs and situate them in front of the screen.

Fill your bowls with snacks and enjoy the movie while lounging in the sweet summertime breeze.



Dining On the Patio
Breakfast with the birds chirping? Lunch on the lounge chairs? Dinner on the deck? One of the best parts about summer is the warm weather and longer days. So why not embrace eating outside! My husband and I like to enjoy an outdoor cocktail before or after dinner.

There’s just something to be said about eating under the stars or watching the sun kiss the ground with its explosion of color.

However, outdoor dining doesn’t have to be casual. What about a party where you cook in your outdoor kitchen? These are becoming much more popular over the years and are not too expensive to build into your current landscaping project.

A built-in grill with a fridge is really all you need; Of course, some setups have sinks, pizza ovens, and even multiple grills.

At a minimum, this is the perfect time to fire up your grill and unleash the flavors of your latest farmer’s market purchase. From casual to elegant, dining outside just gives everything a different taste.



Lawn Games
Whether you bring the board games outside or invest in some real “outdoor games”, this will upgrade any family game night. This is also a great time to get the kids off electronics and active outside. After all, who doesn’t want to play a round of life-size Jenga or a rousing game of badminton?

We love to play lawn Scrabble or Dominoes, and nothing gets the party started like a game of bags or horseshoes. A lot of families in our community like to get the kids together to play, while the parents can sit around the fire sipping some beverages.

Or maybe you convince your neighbor to host the games, and you enjoy some kid-free time.

Make this summer the best you can by embracing the outdoors with these fun ideas!
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Written by Nicole Regan