Transforming Your Interior: How 2024’s Top TikTok Design Trends are Making Over Homes

To find the hottest interior trends, design devotees used to turn to the pages of countless shelter mags. Then it was the cable shows on Bravo and HGTV. But today, the latest design looks – thousands upon thousands of them – are a swipe away on TikTok. From new takes on classic design to permission to let your space look beautifully lived-in, interior designers and influencers are hitting social media to share their go-to trends for 2024. If you’re planning a spring refresh (or more), check out these easy-to-integrate interior design approaches TikTok fans are leaning into.

#1. Let your spaces look lived in – a peek at “cluttercore”

A massive departure from the sleek, meticulously-curated homes lining every design magazine and Pinterest board, the “lived in” movement is all about finding the joy and comfort of real life. Simply put, homes are lived in – and should look the part.

“I think that people are just as tired of seeing perfect spaces on their screens as we are of trying to live like that,” says TikTok influencer Julia Marcum from @chrislovesjulia.

Cluttercore values personal mementos, eclectic collections, and casual disarray – so displaying pillows, books, and knick-knacks that tell your story is strongly encouraged. At the same time (and despite the “clutter” moniker), this trend isn’t about cluttering up a space. Instead, it’s about curating your home with love and care, choosing pieces that are meaningful even if they are slightly imperfect. The final look is cozy, inviting, and deeply personal – exactly what a home should be.


#2. Go big with eclectic chic

Eclecticism or “eclectic chic” is another interior design trend that celebrates individuality and the diverse influences that inspire us – telling your story through personal collections, mix-matched styles, and meaningful items you love, and creating a space as unique as you. To embrace this trend, focus on blending eras, textures, and styles to create spaces that feel personal and a bit adventurous.

Granted, eclectic chic isn’t just about throwing together everything but the kitchen sink. To nail this TikTok trend, it’s important to take a curated approach with an eye on balance and beauty – finding that sweet spot where a mid-century modern sofa lives alongside a rustic farmhouse coffee table, all tied together by a vintage rug. And every piece tells a story.

#3. Deep browns and reds for the win

TikTok is taking a bold and earthy turn this season, with a massive resurgence of deep browns and vibrant reds. These colors bring warmth, depth, and grounded sophistication – the kind of colors that can transform spaces in sanctuaries and rooms into retreats.

“Deep browns and deep reds are in,” says Corbin Reid of @storieddesign. “You can use them in cabinetry, and if you don’t want to go all in, use them in furniture pieces. I absolutely love this trend. I think this is my favorite one of 2024, and I’m personally going to be using it on my built-ins.”

If you’re planning to integrate these colors, focus on luxe options like espresso and mahogany or go bold with crimson and burgundy shades. These palettes embrace a sought-after, organic look and feel while adding a dash of dramatic flair.

#4. Come on get happy: dopamine decor

Sometimes the world can feel overwhelmingly gray…and so can interior color schemes, especially if they date to the 2010s. Enter dopamine decor. This trend serves as a reminder of the power of our surroundings to influence our moods and mindset, inviting us to create spaces that spark delight and bring a daily dose of happiness right into our living rooms.

“It’s decorating your home with pieces that make you happy and share your personality,” explains Kate Rose Morgan (@kate_rose_morgan), interior design influencer and self-proclaimed dopamine decor pro. “I do want to see more people doing this!”

By incorporating eye-catching colors, playful patterns, and textures, dopamine decor turns homes into havens of happiness and energy. This style represents a departure from conventional design wisdom, emphasizing that our spaces should not only reflect our personalities but actively contribute to our well-being.

#5. Chic flooring patterns

Two classic flooring patterns are making serious waves on TikTok right now: checkerboard and herringbone.

Dating back 2,000 years to the Roman empire, herringbone is getting a lot of social media attention lately. A sophisticated alternative to straight-laid planks, herringbone instantly adds elegance and visual interest and can work with both traditional and contemporary themes. To make this flooring upgrade even easier, several brands offer pre-engineered panels, taking the guesswork and some of the expense out of showcasing this trend in your home. There are also plenty of options when it comes to price and materials. If you’re looking for a shorter-term commitment or want to keep your budget down, modern laminate and luxury vinyl plank (LVP) options could be a great alternative.

On the other end of the style spectrum is checkerboard, but one should be careful of how it’s used in the home, says designer Loren Kreiss says (@lorenkreiss). “Checkered floors are timeless and have been around for centuries in various forms,” he explains. His advice: “Place them in a small area like a bathroom or a secondary room like a butler’s pantry. Go neutral instead of black and white, and make sure to go matte and not shiny.”

#6. Farmhouse – with a twist

We all know the traditional farmhouse trend – think shiplap, weathered wood, and an all-around rustic country style – is alive and well. But lately a more “European” approach to farmhouse is taking over TikTok.

A mixture of French country and earthy, this trend borrows a lot from the midwestern-meets-Joanna-Gaines style we’re used to, but with a chic upgrade. A good example: exposed beams paired with natural palettes, organic materials, and natural stone.

Regardless of the specific trend, one thing is clear: 2024 is about personalization – celebrating the styles and experiences you love. Keep an eye on TikTok for more!

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